Process and Costs of Hiring a Full-Time Maid in Pakistan

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14 May 2019

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Process and Costs of Hiring a Full-Time Maid in Pakistan


Finding the right maid in Pakistan any city can be confusing, time consuming and difficult some time. However, many people hire part-time or full-time help to clean the house, look after the kids or take care of the house depend on maid and guards. Hiring a full-time maid means that you will have someone around the clock to help you with various housekeeping tasks. Depending on the agreement signed with the maid and the company you have hired from , she or he may also offer cooking and babysitting services, in Pakistan Many Third Parties maid Services Genciens are working but it’s a your smartness choice that what type of service or from which company you trust.


If you have a basic salary of +PKR 100000/month, you are in position to hire a driver and maid at your house to sponsor a full-time maid or nanny. Be aware that if you hire maid from company, they will also charge you full salary of how much maid can demand we will tell you about this process in detail below the page.


Hiring a Maid through an Agency


The easiest way of hiring a full-time maid in Pakistan is through reputable agencies operating in the region. You can find out more about the different agencies by word of mouth and in the classified sections of newspapers or contact to obtain quotes from multiple maid agencies in Pakistan. Full time maid agencies come and go but some of the better-known Can be found through friends and family who already hired maids from these companies. You will typically pay the agency an initial recruitment cost of PKR 8000-18,000. This is a one-off finder’s fee charged by the agency – it includes the cost of finding the right person for you based on your requirements and flying them and all the initial paper work and Police verification , never hire any maid until she or he have not National identify card number and proper police verification because some time its will be huge problem for you. Don’t depended on hiring agencies you have to investigate yourself also through proper channels.







Salary Cost: PKR 8000-18000 / month


The salary is usually decided between the maid and the employer during the interview stage also agencies will give you some tips. The amount can vary depending on this agreement and additional benefits are usually offered (such as , Taxi Rent  Etc. from 300 to 1000)  For domestic help that has been recruited by the agency, salaries are typically on the lower end of the spectrum.




Services You Can Get from Maids


1.   Cooking

2.     Cleaning

3.     Babysitting

4.     Washing clothes

5.     Ironing

6.     Washing dishes

7.     Elderly care




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