Importance of vocational training in Pakistan

by Admin

20 April 2019

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As the economy of Pakistan is growing and skilled resources have become the demand of every sector of the industry. Although there is a high skill shortage and demand for resources in the market; fresh graduates are often seen being on a tiring hunt for jobs in Pakistan. The blame can be put on our education system or lack of platforms for students to market their skills on. It is high time that the job seekers realise the importance of vocational education and practical training institutes for professional growth as the conventional academic institutions have proven to be inefficient in delivering market aware graduates. 

What value will vocational education add to the student's resume?

The purpose of technical education is to empower people with the right set of skills they require to pursue a career in a specific industry. These pieces of training are strictly meant to empower students with the set of tools they need to grow and launch a career in the field of their interest. Why should you choose to get a vocational training course? The opportunities in it are mentioned below:

1. Vocational education has a smaller term and costs less than college and university institutions. 

2. You get practical learning and a good idea about real-world challenges faced by organisations and employees.

3. Technical education provides students with a focused approach and only insists on the particular course of study opted rather than a mix of different disciplines.

4. Even though having a proper academic qualification cost much more, people with vocational education are more likely to outperform degree holders.

5. Most of all, vocational education is the quickest way to bridge the skill gap faced by the market currently as it produces quality and demand-driven resources for immediate on-boarding.

Types of vocational training institutes in Pakistan

There has always been encouragement from the government of Pakistan for vocational education providers in the country, but as more and more people are realising the need of having a skillset, these institutes are getting high enrollments. 

Training for uneducated work seekers
There are plenty of opportunities for less educated people to get hands-on expertise on a particular skill that doesn't require school education. These skills include sewing, embroidery, cooking, baking and much more like these. By having a skill set, these people can easily get jobs in different company hiring resources with a little experience of the field. Some of the top-notch vocational institutes for academically unqualified people are listed below: 

1. The Aman Foundation
3. Hunar Pakistan
4. Ilm o Hunar foundation

Training for degree holders 

For recent graduates there a number of opportunities that provide students with focused technical education they need to kick-start their careers. Some government-owned and private training centres 

1. Tevta 
2. National Institute for Science and Technical Education
3. Zepto Institute
4. TAFF- Vocational Training Institute

Together these training centres have great potential to impart employable skills in job seekers and convert them into useful members of the society. With more and more people realizing the power of vocational training and enabling themselves with tools, the future of Pakistan seems to be head towards progress. 


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