5 Must-Go Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

by Admin

02 May 2019

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Chinese food lovers are always seen in the hassle to find out good places to dine-in with real flavours and excellent ambience. We have tried to make the trouble easy for you by listing out the top 5 Chinese restaurants in Islamabad that guarantee awesome taste. 

1. Ginyaki

Address: Bhittai Road, F7 Markaz, Islamabad | Centaurus Mall, Islamabad
Ph:051 8484888

The restaurant offers fine dine-in experience with quality Chinese, Japanese and Thai food. The food quality is matchless and 100% halal. Coming towards ambience, the place is best for friends and family and even throwing small parties for friends. 

2. Kim Mun Chinese Restaurant

Address: College Road, Jinnah Super Market F-7
Ph: 051 2651489

Kim Mun is one of the oldest and the most enjoyed Chinese food Restaurant in Islamabad. From its soup to chow mein the food quality is superb and the atmosphere is a true picture of Chinese Culture. 

3. Yum Chinese & Thai Restaurant

Address: Street 16, F-7/2 | next to Rana Market, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan
Ph: 0300 0503291

Yum is the recent hype in the town with its extra-ordinary tastes, lavish hi-tea offers and value of money. The place is charismatic run by a friendly staff which gives great importance to customers and have visually pleasing aesthetics. While you are there don’t forget to try their Hi-Tea Buffet.

4. Asian Wok 

Address: Beverly Center, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan
Ph: 051 2206988

Asian Wok has really made its name in a few time after its launch and is recommended by the Islamabad food bloggers and critics. However, the place is always jam-packed and you have to book a reservation before visiting other-wise wait in the queue. If you are from Islamabad or planning to visit Islamabad this place is a must-go. 

5. China Town Restaurant 

Address: Street 55 | F-8/4, Building #8
Ph: 051 2854577

China Town Restaurant presents the true tastes of Beijing streets, Chinese art and culture and presents great experiences in terms of food quality to the customers. The hygiene is well-maintained and the food is served with the best techniques attracting a good class of foodies.  

If you are a Chinese Food lover, this guide will save you a lot of trouble in finding good eateries near you by narrowing your options. If you are an Islamabad resident or visiting for a trip and haven’t tried out these places, rush now and thank us later.


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Humayoun Mussawar

March 18, 2020 - 12:05 pm

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